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Using Radiant Neon Amplify


Radiant Neon Amplify! Imagine® Crafts Product ReviewIn this article we will tell you about Martice Smith II who is a well-known and established freelance Illustrator and graphic designer. She basically specializes in mixed-media illustrations with her love of art being felt across the state of Missouri.

She has a special take for the use of intense color in mixed-media creations. After receiving eight beautifully vibrant colors from Imagine® Crafts Product; Electric Yellow, Electric Coral, Electric Orange, Electric Blue, Electric Purple, Electric Green, Black, and White, she was over the moon.

They are versatile and easy to use and will make any artist to go an extra mile hence the desire for Martice to share a few techniques where no skill level is required.

This is what she did to the new Radiant Neon Amplify:

  • 8×10 Gelli Arts – Gel Printing Plate will work just well
  • Draw simple shapes, straight from the paint bottle

The inks are easy to work with because they are water-based pigment.

  • To add a textured border along the edge of a page, use a stencil + a foam pouncer.
  • Then you can add dimensional texture as you may so wish.

The following are some of the key elements that you should give great consideration when dealing with Radiant Neon Amplify.

  • Have the dimensionality on point and ensure the texture is worth a touch.
  • Strong and a combination of both dark and light colors are preferred.
  • Maintenance and storage of Radiant Neon Amplify is of importance.

Get encouraged and start creating.


Have you Tried Using Handmade Foam stamps and Printing Plates?


Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing PlatesMartice Smith II has established a niche for herself as a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer. Besides, she loves fashion, typography and wildlife while specializing in mixed media illustrations all which can be seen on the traditional and digital art techniques.

From the passion of her creativity she sets out to create handmade from stamps and printing plates. Here are the supplies she gathered:

  • heavy-bodied acrylics
  • craft foam (with adhesive backing)
  • cardstock or cardboard
  • foam brush
  • dried baby wipes or paper towel
  • scissors
  • glazing medium (DecoArt)

And here are the steps:

  • Start by cutting shapes out of the foam then peel off the paper backing and adhere them to a piece of cardboard. This will help you make a printing plate.
  • Using a form brush, add paint to the printing plate then stamp onto dry baby wipe. Rotate the printing plate so as to repeat the design and using a bayer to create a crisp impression onto the surface and allow it to dry for one minute.
  • Apply glaze over the paint by mixing one part glazing medium to one part of the heavy-bodied acrylic color of your choice. Glazing medium allows you to work with the acrylic paint longer and creates layers that are slightly translucent.
  • Using a foam brush, apply a mixture of one part glazing medium and another color of paint.
  • Mix up a new color with more glaze, apply the mixture with a foam brush

Finally, continue layering the background with over stamping to get a look you like.

Finding your creativity through Mixed Media Art


There are many people who are told they are not artistic; that they “can’t draw”. Sometimes our own worst critic is ourselves. But regardless of our artistic abilities, many of us have an inner need to create. We want to turn paints and cardboard and canvases into works or artistic expression. We gather nice papers, shiny object that appeal to us and interesting bits and pieces, thinking that, maybe, one day, we will turn in into something interesting.

finding your creativity through mixed media art (c) Can Stock Photo

Mixed media art is a perfect way to begin to develop your artistic skills and start gathering supplies that will help you to express your creativity. With a few simple tools and materials, many of which you may already have around the house, you can begin to set aside time to paint and collage and draw, even art journal or use a variety of different mediums and techniques to nurture that inner creativity. For some, it is setting aside the time that is the hard part with getting started; for others it is well-meaning loved ones telling them they are “wasting” their time. The best way to begin discovering your inner artist is to set aside the criticism and just get started.

There are many places online where you can get tips on getting started in mixed media art. Here are a few to get you started:

So, walk away from the computer, gather up your supplies, set aside the time (even 20 minutes will be enough) and get messy!

Happy creating!

Details about Acrylic Paint and Acrylic Painting


paintingAcrylic Paint is one of the fast drying paint which contains pigment suspension. It can also be mixed with water but when it is dry it becomes water-resistant. Acrylic paint durability depends on how much it is diluted in water or with other pastes or gels.

Acrylic painting offers a versatile method of painting. Acrylic painting in its any form, thick or thin (like ink) gives a 3D effect. If you add various available substances then it will create a different type of texture. With this, you can create different textured effects. Some artists create acrylic paints using different items such as rice and sand giving it a different style and texture.

While painting, it is important to know that you choose the best kind of painting surface so that you may not feel any difficulty in painting. You must choose a light weight object. If you choose paper, choose a heavier paper because paper is the lightest item that can be used.  Traditional painting is done on wood, masonite and canvas.

Gather your tools, materials and colors. The idea, inspiration, pictures which came in your mind. Set that photograph and start fleshing it out on the painting surface.

Decide what style of painting you want to explore. Try to search something new. Use attractive colors and if you are a beginner then keep your painting simple.

When you completed you acrylic painting, leave it in a cool, dry place for ventilation. It will dry soon then it’s good to go. Use it for yourself or sell it in the market.

I hope that your painting would be attractive and an interesting one! Enjoy creating!