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Quick and Easy a Journal


Journaling on the QuickDebbie Davis is a mixed media artist who finds creating art to be a wonderful stress reliever. She plays a lot in the paint and other mixed media mediums whenever a chance comes her way. She also like painted backgrounds which she loves to keep in her journal books her favorite being a vintage ledger binder that she picked up from an antique store.

That said, she is always raring to go. However, while on a vacation, she did not get a chance to do much and on getting back she thought hard on what she could do at home and work that would look more of a journal.

With a blank mind, she chose to use a previously created background randomly made by scraping pink, yellow and blue/green paints. Within the paints there had been a loose mixture of some white fluid acrylic paint onto the ledger journal page using an old store card.

With a photo that she had always wanted to use in a journal, she copied and pasted it into a Word document and resized it so that it would fit on the journal page. The whole thing was looking so calm. She then collaged the photo with cabanas that she had gotten from a scrap paper.

Then using a Stabilo pencil she outlined the photo and cabanasand lightly went over the pencil with a wet brush.

Writing of words was next which she did with the Stabilo pencil.  The words made the whole artwork stand out.


Making Altered Daily Journal Cover


Making Altered Daily Journal CoverIt is from her private studio that Melanie Statnick who is an accomplished artist will do her art creation besides writing. And with her love of writing she has been on a mission to get a journal big enough to accommodate reflections on a daily basis since she did not want to spend even a single coin on buying one.

As such the thought of upcycling build up in her mind due to the fact that it would give her room to exercise her imagination.  She took black gesso which she would use to cover the front of the journal. Black gesso is of more preference because it leaves with a primed black surface which is easy to use with white gel pens.

Over the gesso surface, Melanie painted a wide rectangle of turquoise and added a weekly stencil which is an Artistcellar product.  She then used various stencils for quick and easy creation of a stenciled background. She wanted to be experimental.

To add flavor to the journal, she first added the year before outlining days of the week using a PITT pen. She then added some detail to the cover with start while making good use of a white gel pen.

Finally she was happy with what she had created

Be Fearless and Learn How to Draw


You Can Draw AnythingYou must have heard of Melanie Statnick the published artist/writer from North Carolina and one who creates art daily from her private studio. She is known for her happy and whimsy style of art. It is common that everyone would want to shop for all the newest toys on your mind the next time you get paid. However, when you’re on a budget this is the worst thing you can do with your already tight income.

Many are the times she has heard from her students statements like “I can’t draw a straight line”.  Or just plain “I can’t draw”. However being a self-taught artist she believes that she can learn anything and having seen so many nice things from the stores, she still does not buy them because she is determined to learn to draw her own images and save the 20 bucks.

Over time she has sat with her journals, pens, pencils, markers and watercolours and has been teaching herself to draw. It all takes practice. In addition, There are so many books on how to draw and websites that have an abundance of inspiration.  The secret is that we have to get past being perfect, realistic and spot on. It would amaze you to know how many people appreciate the imperfect cute doodle.

Be fearless with your drawings and learn to let go of how many Facebook “likes” your photo