Handmade Greeting Cards


Handmade Greeting Cards with PanPastelsWhen Michelle G. Brown is not creating on her Facebook page, she is somewhere thinking hard about her creation. Her passion of being a mixed media artist comes from sharing her knowledge and techniques with other people. This alone comforts her in knowing that courtesy of her, other people can easily express their own creativity.

So what is she up to this time round? Creation of handmade greeting cards for Mother’s Day! These are the simple supplies that she played around with to get that magnificent card:

  • Stencil and a range of pastels
  • Matching color cards
  • A range of soft sponges
  • 2-sided tape
  • Bristol Paper
  • Versamark ink

Here are the instructions:

  • From the pad, get out the sheet of Mixed media or Bristol paper
  • Stamp large stamp image around paper using Versamark ink
  • Using a masking tape, make sure to secure the stamped card
  • Use a light circular motion with a sponge to add a colour of your choice. The stamped patterns will appear
  • Keep adding the different colors that you have alongside blending the edges between the colors to fade out any sharp lines
  • You can remove the stencil and spray with workable fixative
  • Now cut the colors background to fit onto the card of your choice

This world is full of creation and according to Michelle; everyone has room to explore since the amazing world of mixed media art is accessible to everyone.


Having Fun with Mixed Media Canvas


15Mar25_KK_MMCanvas51Kim Kelley who is extremely obsessed with her crafting and art is constantly having projects to a point that sometimes she forgets what they were meant for. She has a thing with being imaginative and is always exploring anything that comes to her mind.

Her love of wanting to learn new techniques is evident. This month she decided to go for canvas project that is a little larger than what she does normally. So what did she require for this?

  • Chipboard from Dusty Attic
  • Spray mist by Lindy’s Shabby Tuxbine Teal
  • 8” x 24” canvas
  • Heavy Gel by Golden
  • White gesso
  • Glue gun
  • Miscellaneous charms, flowers, metal pieces, wooden pieces, and jewelry pieces

Kim doesn’t have a particular of doing this but she will explore on any idea she comes about using theme, colors and style.

She advises that it is best to use the already primed canvas although you can still add your own gesso. Once the gesso dries up, start laying out your pieces, turning them this way and that way until you can finally smile at what you are seeing.

You will use the hot glue gun to attach smaller pieces while the bigger ones you will use Heavy Gel.  Don’t be in a hurry to spray. Wait until all is dried up.

Creation is all about going beyond your comfort zone. Imagination comes in handy which lead to finding your own inner creative artist.

Is Scrapbooking Dead?


Ann Strecko Koeman believes in making things work with whatever comes her way hence she is always collecting things. Being a Mixed Media Artist, she finds use for every of her collections.

15Mar30_ASK_Scrapbookpic1While a majority of people seem to be in total agreement with the selling of scrapbooking supplies having reached its peak and probably declining, she feels otherwise.

According to her, there is still some hope. After all the concept of collecting and cataloguing memories in paper form has been around since the invention of paper.

“The tools we have invested in, in our line of duty and creation should not go to waste,” Ann said. “Keep them and use them whenever necessary since it could be the wave to future creativity”. She continued.

Over the years Ann has collected a variety of skills and thus a vast collection of tools including an overpriced collection of intended for scrapbooking tools.

As a Mixed Media Artist, any tool to her is useful at some time in her artistic career. Just because a tool or supply is marketed to be sold in one market does not mean it cannot be used in another.

She has a lot to look up to including old trimmers, punches, plastic page layout guides, stickers and embellishments

Her parting shot is Scrapbooking may be a dying fad but Mixed media art making is very much alive.

Mixed Media Journal



Terri Sproul who is a renowned Mixed Media Artist and she believes that there is no mistake in creativity since it is all about creation. Hence in many cases you are free to run your journals to your liking so long as you are having utmost fun from what you are doing.

What you need to do is to have an experience of playing with different mediums but this can only happen when you decide to step out of the box.

You can run your experiments on Color and Texture to complete a fun experience. Here is a list of the materials you may require:

  • Stencil and stamps
  • Silk Acrylic Glaze from ColourArte
  • FineLine Applicator
  • Golden
  • Faber-Castell – Pitt Pens Black
  • Paint Brushes, Baby Wipes
  • Gesso
  • India Ink

Terri has always been passionate about being creative. She says that sitting down to create just from her own thoughts gives her excitement.

With the support from her husband she is destined for bigger things in Mixed Media. Into her way of growing within her creativity, you will find her hosting a live show about Art Journals every Tuesday Night. She has a blog –  terrisproul.blogspot.com from where you will get more of her work.

Making your Own Canvas Fabric Bag


Creating a Mixed Media Art BagTamara Dinius loves creating things from her own accord which she comfortably does from her studio. Out of her own imagination, she attempted to create a functional mixed media tote bag using canvas fabric and Tattered Angels High Impact paints.

This is how she did it after gathering her items which included spray bottle, Tattered Angels High Impact Paints, stencils, brushes, and permanent markers:

  • On the left and right sides, Spray your canvas fabric with water and then apply your yellow paint in a haphazard motion.
  • At the bottom left, and while it is still damp, apply your orange paint using a stencil and stencil brush.
  • At the bottom right, add water and your yellow paint using a stencil of your choosing.
  • On either side, you can add the writings of your desire using a stencil.

At the finishing stage, use a contrasting thread to topstitch the seams you want. At this point you are allowed to add some freestyle quilting to the bag using different colored threads.

You will then add long handles to the bag using the same red canvas fabric that you used at the middle portion.

With any form of creativity and imagination, this project can turn out to be really fun. For example, Tamara used permanent markers of varying colors to add various writings on the bag. According to her, creativity is a way of life in which you can experiment so many styles.

Kraft Paper and Journal Pages


For the Love of Kraft PaperYou must have either met or heard of this Artist Melanie Statnick who writes and creates from her private studio.  When she discovered kraft paper artwork on blogs and from other artists, she couldn’t wait any longer to start playing around with them.

There are 1000 of great projects that one can use Kraft paper for. From papers, banners, cards, table clothes to paper flowers, all these give such a crafty feeling.

She decided to create a mini project on canvas that seemed to take all her favorite stencils while outlining it using white gel pen. Though a bold move at first, it can be very nervous because of the permanence of the pen.

The stencil has two pieces outer edge and inner piece of the pod. Thus it is so versatile.  You are spoilt for choice of how you want to use it; either on one side or both. Using a Pitt Pen in bold black, Melanie layered her piece of art with the inner stencil while painting it with acrylic paint and adding words that came with the stencil.

This was a delightful yet easy project. According to her, it is important that we learn to go out of our full filled day’s families and unexpected issues and put our creativity to task.

Getting Creative with Mixed Media Art


Get Your Mixed Media Creative Mojo ON!Mixed Media Artists need not to spend hours creating unique components to use in their creative projects.This is because Mixed media is all about experimentation with combined materials, mediums and techniques.

Gail Green who is a crafty book author says that the use of colour, texture, images dimensions and our own interpretation will always give us unique results.

That said, she has discovered awesome products and product lines which make us feel mojo or do the tiring and time consuming parts. All this allows us to get creative.

Gail loves all projects that come her way. She will try anything and everything. She was fortunate enough to find a perfect line of canvas products at CHA show where she came across Linnie Blooms booth. She kept running into the Owner and Founder of Linnie Blooms, Linda Barutha.

Linnie Blooms products include canvas shapes and canvas items. In addition to this you will find other range of products, the likes of interesting stencils. Apparently, Linda includes “knock outs” in her stencils and artists can use both the negative space stencils.

Linda also has fun stamps and phrases that can be used on the canvas pieces as well as on traditional cardstock for card making.

According to Gail, Linnie Blooms Canvas Bracelet is a perfect show of how Mixed Media projects can be satisfying.