Mixed Media Journal



Terri Sproul who is a renowned Mixed Media Artist and she believes that there is no mistake in creativity since it is all about creation. Hence in many cases you are free to run your journals to your liking so long as you are having utmost fun from what you are doing.

What you need to do is to have an experience of playing with different mediums but this can only happen when you decide to step out of the box.

You can run your experiments on Color and Texture to complete a fun experience. Here is a list of the materials you may require:

  • Stencil and stamps
  • Silk Acrylic Glaze from ColourArte
  • FineLine Applicator
  • Golden
  • Faber-Castell – Pitt Pens Black
  • Paint Brushes, Baby Wipes
  • Gesso
  • India Ink

Terri has always been passionate about being creative. She says that sitting down to create just from her own thoughts gives her excitement.

With the support from her husband she is destined for bigger things in Mixed Media. Into her way of growing within her creativity, you will find her hosting a live show about Art Journals every Tuesday Night. She has a blog –  terrisproul.blogspot.com from where you will get more of her work.


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