Kraft Paper and Journal Pages


For the Love of Kraft PaperYou must have either met or heard of this Artist Melanie Statnick who writes and creates from her private studio.  When she discovered kraft paper artwork on blogs and from other artists, she couldn’t wait any longer to start playing around with them.

There are 1000 of great projects that one can use Kraft paper for. From papers, banners, cards, table clothes to paper flowers, all these give such a crafty feeling.

She decided to create a mini project on canvas that seemed to take all her favorite stencils while outlining it using white gel pen. Though a bold move at first, it can be very nervous because of the permanence of the pen.

The stencil has two pieces outer edge and inner piece of the pod. Thus it is so versatile.  You are spoilt for choice of how you want to use it; either on one side or both. Using a Pitt Pen in bold black, Melanie layered her piece of art with the inner stencil while painting it with acrylic paint and adding words that came with the stencil.

This was a delightful yet easy project. According to her, it is important that we learn to go out of our full filled day’s families and unexpected issues and put our creativity to task.


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