Getting Creative with Mixed Media Art


Get Your Mixed Media Creative Mojo ON!Mixed Media Artists need not to spend hours creating unique components to use in their creative projects.This is because Mixed media is all about experimentation with combined materials, mediums and techniques.

Gail Green who is a crafty book author says that the use of colour, texture, images dimensions and our own interpretation will always give us unique results.

That said, she has discovered awesome products and product lines which make us feel mojo or do the tiring and time consuming parts. All this allows us to get creative.

Gail loves all projects that come her way. She will try anything and everything. She was fortunate enough to find a perfect line of canvas products at CHA show where she came across Linnie Blooms booth. She kept running into the Owner and Founder of Linnie Blooms, Linda Barutha.

Linnie Blooms products include canvas shapes and canvas items. In addition to this you will find other range of products, the likes of interesting stencils. Apparently, Linda includes “knock outs” in her stencils and artists can use both the negative space stencils.

Linda also has fun stamps and phrases that can be used on the canvas pieces as well as on traditional cardstock for card making.

According to Gail, Linnie Blooms Canvas Bracelet is a perfect show of how Mixed Media projects can be satisfying.


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