Using your Positive Thoughts


Positive Thoughts for your Side Table“There is power in positive thoughts once you begin your day in them”. This is according to Shari Welch who has been creating art for as long as she can remember. All her focus was shifted to Mixed Media Art after her graphic design studies in Portland.

As a way of starting her morning and with her positive thoughts, she decided to create a pretty little art block. Here is what she did:

Materials used:

  • Wooden block
  • Drawer pull
  • American multipurpose ink
  • Distress ink
  • Fibrous String
  • Embellishments
  • Diamond mesh ribbon
  • DecorArt

This is how to go about it:

  • Find images that will fit into your artwork and you can make use of online companies that sell images
  • Cut your images to size and make the edges rounded using corner punches while you define them with distress ink.
  • Paint the art block and the feet probably with a different color for each. To speed up the dry time, you can choose to use hairdryer then using E6000, glue the feet on the block.
  • Using tacky glue, glue the images on the block and accentuate them around when all dry using glamour dust. You can make use of your creativity as much.
  • You can now tie your embellishment on the fibrous ribbon before moving on to the drawer pull.

With her passion of Mixed Media Art, she emphasizes that creativity in all this is of essence.


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