Linnie Blooms and Linda Barutha


The Story behind Linnie Blooms and Linda BaruthaMichelle G. Brown understands that we all have an inner need to create, and bylearning a few basic techniques, the amazing world of mixed media art would be accessible to everyone.

When she came across the Linnie Blooms booth at CHA Winter Show 2015, she literally wondered why we don’t think about something new in crafting that leaves us completely impressed and mesmerized.

The range of alterable, mixed media items, made from canvas and recycled ephemera, with stitching on them was remarkable.  That is how she got introduced to Lindy Barutha and her company Linnie Blooms whose range includes both substrate items – 12×12 panels, stitched journals and mini folios. This is in addition to canvas embellishments in the shapes of flowers, butterflies and many other designs.

When it comes to decoration, Linnie Bloom uses its current art supplies. They don’t need any special fabric supplies. Linda who has been building Linnie Blooms since mid-2013 says that she has always been creative and loves to create her own designs.

Linda is also working with two major online retailers to provide stitched kits. However, she has had to move from sewing all of the pieces herself, to having a few sewing assistants. The next few months are exciting for Linda and Linnie Blooms as she looks forward to featuring an online workshop. Watch out for this and much more.


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