Acrylic Backgrounds with Water


Creating Acrylic Backgrounds with WaterAnjuli Johnson is a self-taught artist who has done a lot of experimentation with paint and having begun her career as a scrapbooker, she is now Mixed Media Artist.  She has been undergoing an evolutionary process all along.

With watercolor, oil and gouache Anjuli will always prefer acrylic because of the different reactions of their brands. For one it dries very fast and reacts really well in water. She uses water and paint to create acrylic backgrounds for her mixed media paintings.

She has three paintings to show and as follows:

Magnetism – You will use dry canvas and the colors you chose. For her it was red and orange paint. Ensure you get rid of any brushstrokes on your canvas.

True North – In this case, she misted the canvas before working on it. There were certain areas where she concentrated the paint.  The brushstrokes all disappeared.

Pacific Reef – Here, a brush was not used. Instead, in the dry canvas, thick spots of paint were added in random places. Fingers are used to flatten and spread the paint as one sprays along. The entire canvas should be all wet.

According to Anjuli and with her imagination and creativity, there are so many ways one can use water with acrylic paint and get very exciting backgrounds.  She loves Mixed Media art and it is she constantly tries to push her fears away so as to build on her creativity and discover her talents.


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