Mixed Media Story Telling


Mixed Media Story Telling“Mixed media is a great way of telling a story; hence every time you are creating your Mixed Media Art, ask yourself is for sure you are telling the story like you would have wished to. It can be deep or intense with a color theme beautifully put together. Besides, you can out elements of fun and whimsical or a just a simple work of colors”.

This is according to Madeline Faiella who is a traditional artist since she uses both traditional and digital methods in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. A lot of her work has been features on home décor, electronic devices, stationary as well as fabrics among other areas.

Madeline insists regardless of the type of story that you are telling, you ought to remember three things which are:

  • Have the story you want to tell
  • Ensure that you have a fabulous color theme
  • Instill in yourself creation fun.

As a result of her passion to tell stories using Mixed Media Art, she has a piece that uses to tell a story and which has been named “A Hero’s Return”. The color theme and the layered texture are both very strong on this piece so as to pass the message clearly while keeping the reflection clear

Madeline is one of the licensed artists who have been drawing, sewing and making since her early childhood days.


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