Handwriting on Adventure


Funky Calligraphy Adventures in Hand LetteringMartice Smith II is an established freelancer illustrator and graphic designer. She has established a niche for herself within the Mixed Media Art since she does more specializations on the mixed media illustrations.

That said, she has a thing for graffiti – style which she considers a fun mixture of bold and expressive calligraphy.  It makes her handwriting become more unique and easy to recognize. With her spirits more often than not transcending into artistry, there are times she will prefer to look imperfect and scribbly.

She describes the world around you as your oyster hence advises that “You take an adventure” as she takes you through a quick adventure on finding your voice within your handwriting.  And what are the sources of her inspirations:

  • Food packaging
  • Billboards
  • Kids’ writing
  • Murals on trains
  • Expanding the powers of observation
  • Looking out for brand packaging.

Having gained the inspiration, here are the supplies that you shall need:

  • Assortment of markers and fine point pens
  • Skewer or toothpick
  • Speedball’s Super Black India ink.

Here is what you now need to do:

  • Writer large letterforms with your chise – tip marker and work randomly across the page
  • Try writing a phrase is a circular shape using a pen with a smaller point. For smoother writing, you may have to rotate the page and allow the words to look like a series of marks
  • Exaggerate the letterforms and lines as you make your own way
  • Finally draw scribbly flourishes with a toothpick dipped in India ink.

It’s all about what makes you happy.


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