Have you tried doing this to your Clock?


Altered Object – A Clock with a Mixed Media FaceliftShe is an artist and she started with yarn, fabric and papier before branching out into collage and other paper arts about ten years ago. This is Katja Blum’s latest obsession which includes making soft stuffies and art dolls.

Her husband is a Jewish but he received a Jesus clock gift for his birthday. However, his Jewish faith was insignificant at this point. After taking a deep breath or six; she was able to see past the weirdly glowing disciples and realized that this was a working clock that didn’t have to stay the way it was. He gave it to Katja.

She did not know what to do with it in as much as she wanted to give it a personal meaning and regardless of its garish decoration and the original subject which apparently had more meaning to other people.

The clock reminded Kayja of her favorite piece of memento mori art. With this she wanted to create a clock that would remind her to use some of the hours on it to make more time for the most important thing in her life apart from her family – writing. And what did she do?

She took the clock apart in pieces while being careful and gave it a coat each of black spray paint and white gesso to lay the groundwork. The frame was painted with a mixture of chocolate brown and copper before covering the face with the image of an old typewriter.

The gold metal hands were colored with copper alcohol ink and got a thin coat of spray varnish before reassembling the clockwork. This was one artwork that left her happy. Try it out.


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