Encouraging Children in whatever they do


Children Need EncouragementAnn Strecko Koeman who is a Mixed Media Artist has this fundamental philosophy that she holds steadfast of having to encourage children in whatever they want to do so long as there is no harm caused. Many adults get these irrational concerns when a child is said to be pursuing anything creative but Ann responds to them with delight.

This is unlike what response that is expected from me, the likes of ‘Oh no don’t let any child grow up to be one of those starving artsy types’. The conversation however sometimes takes a negative turn when an adult tends to think that the child is being foolish or irresponsible.

There is plenty of time for the youngster to explore many interests right from the preschool age. So when your child declares that they want to become an artist when they grow up, do you take time to understand what may have caused them to say this? Do you ask them questions? Is it something they are interested in pursuing?

Ann encourages everyone to find their own creativity and see how it can enhance their lives. You do not have to become a major artist represented in the finest galleries and earning massive amounts of cash to be declared successful. You can declare yourself successful.

Besides, support all persons with creative interests. Get for them the right supplies on their areas of interests. This is one way of encouraging that future budding artist.


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