Have you Tried Using Handmade Foam stamps and Printing Plates?


Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing PlatesMartice Smith II has established a niche for herself as a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer. Besides, she loves fashion, typography and wildlife while specializing in mixed media illustrations all which can be seen on the traditional and digital art techniques.

From the passion of her creativity she sets out to create handmade from stamps and printing plates. Here are the supplies she gathered:

  • heavy-bodied acrylics
  • craft foam (with adhesive backing)
  • cardstock or cardboard
  • foam brush
  • dried baby wipes or paper towel
  • scissors
  • glazing medium (DecoArt)

And here are the steps:

  • Start by cutting shapes out of the foam then peel off the paper backing and adhere them to a piece of cardboard. This will help you make a printing plate.
  • Using a form brush, add paint to the printing plate then stamp onto dry baby wipe. Rotate the printing plate so as to repeat the design and using a bayer to create a crisp impression onto the surface and allow it to dry for one minute.
  • Apply glaze over the paint by mixing one part glazing medium to one part of the heavy-bodied acrylic color of your choice. Glazing medium allows you to work with the acrylic paint longer and creates layers that are slightly translucent.
  • Using a foam brush, apply a mixture of one part glazing medium and another color of paint.
  • Mix up a new color with more glaze, apply the mixture with a foam brush

Finally, continue layering the background with over stamping to get a look you like.


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