Using Recycled Materials in your Mixed Media Canvas


Mixed Media Canvas – Have FaithAccording to Kim Kelley, life is short and she advises that there is need to do something creative every day. With her obsession for crafting and art, it is certain that she loves mixed media something she explains that it gives her the free will to go beyond her comfort zone.

She is able to explore and use her imagination. While using this, she decides to try something different using canvas instead of using products that were all the same color and style. Here is the list of her products:

  • Chipboard from Dusty Attic
  • 8 X 10 canvas
  • Glue gun
  • Spray mist by 13 arts Pearl Brown Light
  • White gesso
  • Spray mist by Smooch Vanilla Shimmer
  • Spray mist by Lindy’s Shabby Turbine Teal, Mad Hatter Mint, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Opal Sea Oats
  • Miscellaneous charms and flowers from stash

The following are the procedures Kim Kelley used:

  • Glue all onto the canvas with glue gun and use gesso to cover all the pieces. However don’t cover the canvas completely.
  • After drying, pick the mist colors starting with a few shades of brown. Dry off the wet parts while you add more gesso. Once all is dry, start using the sprays since you want to have a color palette that will complement any home décor.
  • You can add embellishments at this point and print out any kind if words you want to add.
  • Finally, spray a finishing spray over the canvas in its entirety to give it some shine.

That’s it. Happy creating!


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