Inspiration from Creating


A Little Scrapbooking InspirationKim Kelley has such a strong obsession on art which she describes as the best thing since you are free to go beyond your comfort zone. This means you can be able to express your imagination and also be able to explore on anything that comes to mind. According to her life is too short hence the need to get creative every day.

She loves scrapbooking and she tries to exhibit some of her favorite projects which include her daughter’s prom picture. It is a 5×7 frame made from texture medium, flowers, rhinestones, and brick chipboard pieces. The second is 10×8 and she uses the same stuff and added netting and lace.

Besides she also has fram-age pieces a combination of framed piece of art and a scrapbook page which will create a scrapbooking layout.  The frame is a 12×12 wall hanging pretty simple with just a minimal amount of stenciled on texture paste. For different projects, she will use different materials such as red flowers for a pop of color rather than any spray or paint, sheet of canvas resist paper, lots of spray mist and maybe stenciling with a heavy gel.

Kim will get art inspirations from everything around her. It is natural in her to learn and explore new techniques and hopes that any art she creates leads someone to find their inner creative artist. It’s her prayer that everyone finds joy and happiness on creating.


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