Using Mixed Media Canvas


Mixed Media Canvas-HarmonyShari Welch studied graphic design and put all her focus on Mixed Media Art. She is very passionate about mixed Media art as well as helping others discover the creativity in them. Shari has been creating for the longest time that she can remember. She is always trying out new things and this time round she decides to make a try of some of the new line of mixed media products from DecoArt.

Her specific target is the use of canvas. On it she will use products like crackle paste, black regular mister and shimmer mister in turquoise.  A bee hive stencil will be used alongside the crackle paste.  She believes that the addition of color using distress inks plus some butterfly and bee ephemera will give her work an awesome finish.

Shari believes in giving back and for this she teaches in workshops as well as art camps. And apart from being an article writer for mixed media art, she is also in the Creative Paperclay Design team.

Her success to mixed media is attributed to this tip that she gives to all artist. “Make sure you clean your ink sprays after each use”. What more would someone ask for with such information that will help you create?


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