Understanding Intuitive Painting


Intuitive paintingMelanie Statnick is a Published Writer/Artist who’s with more success in written publication of articles in Interactive Artists Magazine. She loves Intuitive painting which besides being a free style that uses your creative instincts to guide you through your painting with minimal instructions it allows you to make happy mistakes. However there is always room for an error in every project.

With intuitive painting, it requires to:

  • Start with a light paint colors first and apply a generous amount of paint directly to your 11x 14 canvas.
  • Then using your flat brush create bottom to top motion to spread the paint to your vertical surface. Application of the other light colored paints should follow the same motion.
  • Rinse brush between colors and dry using your heat tool between layers then turn your canvas horizontal. Apply a pea size amount of Teal directly to your canvas.
  • Using your Brayer roller, roll over the paint in a side to side motion and the paint will spread in an uneven and grungy look.
  • While the canvas is at a horizontal position apply neon blue directly onto it.
  • Repeat this step with the dark color and don’t forget to dry in between layers.
  • Place canvas in vertical posing and using your flat brush and some of your lighter paint colors apply them to the spots on your canvas that are unpainted dry. Take your time here to relax and become familiar with your piece.

Once all is done, your canvas will look so pleasant and well created.


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