Mixed Media Art and Biography Writing as a Therapeutic Tool


Mixed Media Art As An Adjunct To Therapeutic Biography in Palliative CareOne of the struggles that are faced by the dying and their careers is in finding meaning in the inevitability of death. However, while quite often we overlook the day to day course of our lives as we get on with the business of living it, we miss out on the fact that a meaningful death can be achieved only through the appreciation of a meaningful life.

The use of Palliative Biography Writing would go a long way in helping the dying person to find order in the recollections of their life. There are so many ways to achieve this. You can do voice recording which could be documented and written in such a way that the voice of the person whose life story is being told remains their own. Small remembrances like birthday cards and little notes, often long-forgotten can be recalled and brought to light as the story-telling process unlocks the door to memories long stored away.

Many more families choose to put Memory Boxes together as their loved one draws nearer the end. Some choose to recount the important aspects of their lives in a sequence of poems and verse. Others arrange the telling as a family history, firming up their place in the family tree.

Assembling a mixed media expression of meaning is (and should always be) a pleasurable activity. It does not have to be a commercial work of art because it is foremost a spiritual work of art.


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