Incorporating Symbols in your Art Work


The Importance of Using SymbolsSymbols are all around us. You will find so many of them on our cars, on our language, on banners etc. They are tangible things that represent abstract ideas. They are indispensable because they are teaching tools especially in artistic expressions. They are best for sharing ideas when they are easily recognizable.

There are so many ways to incorporate a symbolic meaning into your piece of art. For example you can use texture, visual signs, and text or even color all which can share important themes. The same way a word reveals some truth and knowledge to its readers a symbol will also have some truth.

However according to Anjuli Johnson who began her career as a scrapbooker you have to plan things carefully. Take time to ensure that the vision matches what you have created. If you have to deliberately find ways of incorporating symbolic meaning into your art then you have to go out of your way. Anjuli believes that art is so important such that it can help an artist stretch to a greater level since they can use them to teach indirectly.

Look out to experiment as well as expanding your thinking. You will end up with a creation that feels more of yourself.


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