Put your self – doubt and Anxiety aside and Start Creating


The Courage to StartThe crippling plague of self-doubt and anxiety is something we all experience. While it’s so easy to run away from what threatens us at times we must push ourselves forward and beyond this low-level of self-criticism of “What if I mess up” or “How can I do that when I can’t even do this?!”

Low-level of self-criticism does not serve our higher purpose of becoming the artist we envision ourselves to be. Martice Smith II an established freelance Illustrator and graphic designer has the following tips that can help you in times where that nasty inner critic pops up and tries to flip every positive thing upside down:

Allow for positive thinking and effective affirmations

Elevate your thinking by saying, “I can do anything I put my mind to…watch me!” instead of “I’ll never be that good”.

Give yourself time to develop

Every time you draw something, know that you will get better. It takes time to learn and experiment with new techniques. Look out for creative exploration at least for 15minutes every day. Show your enthusiasm and others will catch on and celebrate with you.

Ask for help

Be brave and write down a list of people you admire and reach out to, at least, one of them. You are not on this great art journey all by yourself. Participate in online art groups and connect with many individuals who are more than happy to give advice and share resources with you.

Set your intention, empower your thinking and express your thoughts into SPOKEN words. Yes, go ahead and say them out loud, so that you can hear them yourself. Listen to the way you speak to YOU.


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