Experimenting with Pan Pastels


Using Pan Pastels in Mixed Media ArtIf you are true artist, you must have heard about the over the 80 colors of the Artists color pastels. According to Terri Sproul who is a Mixed Media Artist with her own line of stamps and own paint line with Sakura Hobby Crafts, you can easily mix, blend, use with stencils, stamps and much more including the same way you use paint.

The latest colors which include six pearlescent colors will give you a new adventure since you will not be able to put these Pans down, from Canvas and Art journals. In several videos, Terri has showcased the various features attached to these pan pastel colors and the techniques she uses can be applied to many different mixed media projects. From panpastels.com you can get more inspirations and more videos from which you can get more learning materials. She also recommends CreatingMixedMediaArt Facebook page to every artist to like, comment and possibly leave a message.

As a result of her creativity, Terri hosts a live Art Journal Show on Tuesday nights where she teaches online on her YouTube channel. In addition she has a blog page with terrisproul.blogspot.com from where you can get to see more of her work and creativity. Creating is fun and it give so much satisfaction. Try it out!


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