Simple Mixed Media Tunnel Book


Handmade mixed media books – a tunnel bookKatja Blum who is a writer and translator was introduced to bookmaking by his son Sam who makes lots of books. Besides, she has branched into collage and other paper arts.She also likes to find creative solutions for ugly or broken things around the house.  Sam’s books can be anything he wants – he can cut, glue, draw, paint, glitter and write. Katja loves the tunnel book which consists of several pages with cutouts of decreasing size.

Tunnel books are fun to play with and add to. Sam likes books about animals.Making a tunnel book is simple because you design the cutouts of your pages according to the picture or story you want to create.Each cut out should be smaller than the one before it. However elaborate figures or landscapes in your cutouts can always be added later. The strips should be folded into an “M” shape. Folding is easy but only if you score the fold lines using a ruler and a bone folder. Flexible connection enables the pages to consist of many different materials from thick watercolor paper to cardboard.

Design, decorate and cut out your book pages and attach the accordion hinges. You can always add more decorations and elements later, as the pages remain pretty accessible.


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