The “101 Mixed Media Techniques” Book Review


Book Review: 101 Mixed Media Techniques “There are no rules”. This is the most important thing that you need to remember when it comes to Mixed Media and according to Barbara Rankin who happens to be a fine tuned mixed media artist. “There are no mistakes in art”.  This has clearly been spelt out in the book 101 Mixed Media Techniques which is a compilation of a myriad of mixed media techniques by several artists.

It is well known that every artist has their own style and this book has helped many artists evolve around in their own creative manner. Each chapter in this book addresses various techniques besides giving a list of supplies.

Barbara says that you will not only seek inspiration from this book but you can also refer to it from time to time either for specific techniques or to refresh your memory. This is the book to use at that point when you realize you are stuck for ideas. You might just come up with one of the most amazing techniques.

Mixed media is more of experimenting while looking out for the right combination of products. This said, it doesn’t matter whether you are skilled mixed media artist or a novice artist but there will be no harm in adding this book to your artist’s library.


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