Do you have a passion for Bookmarks?


Love Bookmarks for Valentine’s DayCecilia Sanchez has always liked photography, drawing, collage and making photo Albums.  This is besides the love of learning and discovering new techniques and materials. For a very long time, she has been a contributor in various blogs and digital magazines.

It is in 2006 when she discovered both digital and traditional scrapbooking. She is so fascinated with the Art Journal and Mixed Media, and she cannot imagine scrapbooking without getting her hands dirty. She describes art journal as a real diary for her as she gets inspiration from everyday feelings and to express these feelings she uses colors and shapes. She loves more of the 30x30pages mini albums.

She generally loves art and more so with bookmarking. Here are some of the supplies she used to make her bookmarks for valentine’s day which she considered were full of love since valentine is the day that many people express love:

  1. Acrylic painting
  2. Gesso
  3. Watercolors
  4. Gel medium
  5. Acrylic
  6. Glitter
  7. Embossing Paint
  8. Inks and markers
  9. Cutters and brushes
  10. Cardboard and stencil
  11. Pastel

Cecilia is also involved in scrapbooking workshops in Malaga and you can get more of her information on Art can be fun just like Cecilia has discovered. It is flexible in a way that she is able to look after her twins and still enjoying her passion.


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