Hand Painted Bubbly Gift Bag


Making a Hand Painted Bubbly Gift BagShari Welch is a mixed media artist and one who is passionate about mixed media art. Her greatest motivation is while she is helping others discover their creativity. Besides her volunteer work for SCRAP where she teaches workshops, art camps, and performing art demos she is also a blogger for DecoArt. Her passion for creating drives her into making hand painted bubbly gift bags a project she describes to take a few hours so long as you have your supplies ready as follows:

  • Plain fabric
  • Assorted sizes of round sponge pouncers
  • DecoArt media fluid acrylics paint
  • Decorative beads and robin’s nest dew drops
  • DecoArt Glamour dust ultra-fine glitter paint
  • Aleenes tacky glue
  • DecoArt Americana acrylic paint
  • Detail brush
  • Decorative ribbon

This is the process you will follow:

  • Cut a piece of card stock or scrap paper the same size as your bag and insert this into the bag.
  • Put small amounts of your paint on a paper plate far enough apart to be able to blend together later on. Load paint sparingly on the largest pouncer. Dab off excess on a clean paper plate. Do this same process with the other colors and sizes of pouncers. Let dry several hours or use a hair dryer on low setting.
  • Fill the inside of a large bead with glue and stuff the end of each ribbon in the hole. Let dry
  • Add your favorite bubbly in the bag, wrap the ribbon around, tie a bow

Now you have finished your project…


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