Chipboard Confetti from UmWow


UmWow Studios and their Chipboard ConfettiAnjuli Johnson began her Mixed Media career as a scrapbooker and over time she has constantly pushed her fears through so as to discover and develop her talents. While different stores sell different art supplies, she has to keep browsing and searching for the same so as to be safe with her bank account.  However, sometimes it’s not just easy to resist new things that come along. This is with the discovery of the laser cut chipboard from umWow Studios which she says will work perfectly well with her multiple projects which include Christmas cards, alteration of small wooden boxes, and of course her mixed media canvases and scrapbook layouts. Besides, the UmWow’s chipboard embellishments are perfect for any and all of these projects.

She is excited that she stumbled on umWow Studios and the fact that she is able to get all shapes and sizes of their confetti which was her first order. In addition, they can cut so neatly and still have extremely tiny pieces.  All of the edges are finished and it’s rare to find any rough paper on the edge from an unfinished cut.

Art as a career for Anjuli has been an evolutionary process and she is already brainstorming more ways I can use all my new chipboard.She loves all things mixed media- paper, paint, pens, wire, gears, clay and anything else that she can lay her hands on.


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