Making Faux Metal Embellishments


Make your Own Faux Metal EmbellishmentsDuring the cold winters of Canada, Ann Strecko Koeman stays warm by creating something just about every day. She is often found with her hair up in a twist, her hands stained with inks, and her clothes with paint splatters underneath her long goose.

According to Ann, Making your own mixed media embellishments for your crafting and art making can be satisfying to one’s creative soul and also to one’s wallet. When making Faux Metal embellishments with glue gun and some cardboard she likes using rustic looking items.  She likes the look of old and worn even rusty metals.

One of the ways she makes such mixed media embellishments is by stamping an image on pictures while using ink and cardboard and after they have dried she heats up her glue gun, add a stick of glue and trace over the design with the hot glue.

Once the glue has cooled and is hard she spreads some PVA or Tacky glue onto a piece of kitchen aluminum foil as she cuts the cardboard around the stamped image to the desired shape and size.

The process is pretty simple and yet it can give such intricate designs. Ann is so passionate about creating and she even owns gloves that have flaps so her fingers are free to type away while she enjoys a warm mug of hot beverage to warm up those digits.


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