Creating your Own Hide-away Doll House Play Set


Create your own Hide-away Doll House Play SetGloriann Irizarry always had her hands on crayons, scissors and paper. As she enjoys her time with her girls, she will always continue to create art into her daily schedule as that means doing what she loves most.  From her creativity she creates hide-away doll house from a simple box. Here are the materials you need and the steps you shall follow: –

  • White foam board and Scissors.
  • Metal ruler and hot glue gun
  • Decorative gift box 17 ½ x 12 x 5 ½ and pencil
  • Craft knife and Mounting repositionable spray

Here are the steps

  • Measure the foam board to 5 inches to 16 ¼ with the pencil and the metal ruler then cut your foam board exactly at the 5 x16 ¼ pencil markings.
  • Choose your favorite glue and spray then wait a little for the glue to get a little tacky.
  • Measure the upper half and choose your favorite specialty paper and once the paper is cut to size use the Mounting repositionable spray and spray an even coat of glue. Let it get tacky.
  • Finish the walls with Specialty Paper and choose contrasting colors.
  • Follow the same steps for other floors and you can choose different colors

Gloriann is never bored and she will never stop creating because ART is so rewarding. She gets this awesome feeling when she sees her creation taking shape. Art has been a great way to be creative and to express herself.


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