It’s really Fun to Create Mixed Media Projects!


12Melanie Statnick has an illustrative and whimsy style of her art and being a published artist/writer, she likes the mixed media art because of the numerous amounts of different surfaces you can use to paint or alter. As she does her creation from her private studio, she thinks embroidery hoop is a fantastic idea and it steps away from the average square shape of the canvas.  This is how she does it:

  • Using a loose sheet of canvas fabricTrace the inside hoop using a pencil. Gesso the inside of the circle and dry well.
  • Paint shapes with acrylic paint.
  • Pick your favorite stencil and stencil in images and/or write words.Because your surface is primed with gesso you can accomplish the same effects as you would on a regular square canvas.
  • Dry well and spray with a matt finish. Flip your artwork over to the back side match the gesso circle you made.
  • Push smaller hoop through the inside. Cut remaining fabric off.

From you will get to learn more about Melanie and you will also find a lot of her artwork in art galleries and shops extensively in NC with international private collections. Creating id fun and can only be achieved if you do it with passion and positive drive.

Happy creating!


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