Holiday Mixed Media Arts & Crafts


One Altered Domino, Many Holiday UsesBesides writing for mixed media art Shari Welch is currently a blogger for DecoArt. Her passion of mixed media art led her into being featured in Mixed Media May, and has been in a number of art shows in her hometown of Denton including GDAC. Helping others discover their creativity is something she adores. She is known for using reuse and recycles materials in her artwork like she was able to achieve the project below – the altered domino project.

  • Attach the domino, dotted side up, with a clamp to a flat table surface leaving some hanging over the edge.
  • Use a hand and with every safety precaution required, drill with a small bit and drill a hole through the dot of the domino.
  • Make a few sets of stringed beads while attaching bakers twine to the one you will want to use as the top and set aside.
  • Use glue to attach the paper to the domino, let dry, then add a dimensional effect product over the top of your paper surface.Leave them sit to dry completely.
  • Insert a ring through the top hole in the domino
  • Attach the beads onto the domino and you are done.

Shari Welch uses an online company that sells images and this saves time for her. Another plus is that the images are already sized for her project. To sum her passion for mixed media art, she volunteers for SCRAP Denton where she is on the education committee, teaches workshops, art camps, and performs art demos.


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