Ideas in Creating Wall Hangings


Aged Background using Pan PastelsTamara Dinius believes mixed media allows for a broad range of styles and anyone can find success in this form of artistic expression. With her love for mixed media having taken her over most aspects of her creative journey, she gains a lot of support from her two grown up daughters whom she claims are supportive, embrace her work and that they are amazing people in their own right.

From her positive attitude and view of creativity, she showcases how to use Pan Pastels and rubber stamps to create an aged background for use in your mixed media artwork. She will do anything to put her creativity to cause and no matter what it will cost her, she will still build on her willingness to go the extra mile. Her creativity will lead her into using the most and locally available materials while being able to maintain simplicity.

From her website and the Etsy shop, you will get to learn what more Tamara is likely to be doing. You will also be able to read the mood if her creativity. She says creativity needs no school. It all about passion and going for that which you want to build your passion on. There is a lot to learn from her and her work.


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