Gum Ball Machine and Creativity


Gum Ball Machine ~Not Just For GumKim Kelley loves mixed media art because one is free to go beyond your comfort zone, using your imagination and exploring on anything.  She is obsessive about her crafting and art whereby sheloves to reuse and repurpose products.Just seeing how she can change the look of something with a little paint and spackle makes her smile. With this in mind she tries to create two projects using gum machines and the first one will use a snowman theme, using a plastic and metal machine.

  • Clean each part of the machine and dry completely using gesso on the bottom base, base, collar and top I let them dry overnight.
  • Using a mixture of red paint and Golden crackle paste go over the base 3 times. Making sure the green is not going to show through. Golden’s crackle paste does not really crackle, especially with paint added, but leaves it with an almost spongy, velvet look and feel to it.
  • Use a mixture of gloss gel for the pieces and parts; a bit of iridescent glitter, sponging it on to create a lot of texture.
  • The ball of the machine, being plastic, actually comes apart and makes it easier to put everything together.
  • Glue the ball together and then glue everything but the top together so it can be all together without the metal rods running through the ball.

Creating is all fun for Kelly as she loves to learn and explore new techniques and hopes that any art she creates leads someone to find their inner creative artist.


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