Taking your Artistic work to another Level


Mixed Media Artist Janelle NicholJanelle Nichol the passionate mixed media artist has this understanding that many of us have an inner need to create.  With her passion to create, her focal point is around women and children and her style which includes collage and paints has been described as abstract folk art.

Janelle’s go-to materials include the full range of mixed media materials, with gesso, paints, tissue paper, gelato’s, intense blocks, sprays, Distressed inks and stains all being part of her collection. Anything that adds texture also features; moulding paste, sequins, glass beads and all sorts of unexpected ephemera can be seen when looking closely at her pieces.

Basically she will start with a sketch and a vision that includes the images and the mood, feelings and colours of the piece. She will then create the background, which can take on a life of its own but will stick to the colours and feel in her vision.

Janelle regularly exhibits which gives her a chance to engage with the public, as well as meet other artists and customers love seeing her work in “real life” as all of the depth and texture always looks better to see a piece of art in person. Janelle’s head is full of ideas for new mixed media paintings and calendars and so many projects and opportunities are in the process but not ready to reveal them to the world yet.

You will love her pieces of work because they have distinctive look that combines mixed media with fine art painting.


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