Mixed Media Image Transferring


Creating a Make-up Case with Image TransferCecilia Sanchez Peralta gets her creative motivations from her three sons whom she says inspire her with crazy ideas. She discovered scrapbooking, digital first and then the traditional one a few months after the birth of her twins in 2006. She is more fascinated with the Art Journal and Mixed Media, and she does not imagine scrapbooking without getting her hands dirty.The art journal is a real diary for her, because sometimes she needs to express feelings with colors and shapes.

The good thing about Mixed media techniques is that you can use everything you have at your fingertips, and you can do all kinds of jobs. She loves learning and discovering new techniques and materials. It’s only a month ago when she launched her collection of digital stamps a project she has been working on for a long time.


Fabrics, digital stamp, printer, gel medium, beads, flowers, stickles

The process:

  • Paint the digital stamp with photoshop and print as a mirror image to make the transfer.
  • Get several scraps of fabric and cut the pieces to form makeup case.
  • Put a layer of gel medium on fabric and over the printed image.
  • Carefully put the picture face down onto the fabric and press to stick it everywhere; let it dry for 24hrs.
  • Wet the paper with a sponge or “flus flus”
  • You have to remove all paper using fingertips gently.
  • Decorate a little: A string of beads, some dots with Perfect Pearls, some Prima flowers with a brad … and everything you want.
  • Sew the different pieces of fabric to complete your make up case.

There you have it! Happy Creating!


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