Expressing your Passion with Creativity


“Share the Moments of Joy” through Mixed Media PaintingMarilyn Harris Mills is passionate, creative, eccentric and a published artist. Creating mixed media feeds her soul. When she needs to immerse herself into creativity and inspiration, she reaches out to her supplies that are beckoning her to discover fresh ideas of using them.   She creates based on her intuition and chooses the colors of her paints & the mediums firs then the supplies that will add the meaning to the project. Thereafter, she brings harmony and cohesiveness in the project using embellishments a step that should not be overlooked because it is very important. She has embellishments that she collected over the years; it is fun to combine them into an art piece.

Each project is as they say “a labour of love”. However according to Marilyn, it’s not only about labour but she also uses her inner muse and soul. She utilizes all the opportunities of expressing with art what she cannot say with words while she gets a lot of joy from creating. She creates with passion and one of her favorite quotes is “I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment!” This keeps her going. Something you did not know about her is that she at one time tried knitting but she gave up as a result of not being able to remember the stitches.


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