Mixed Media Artist


Evolution of a Mixed Media ArtistAnjuli Johnson is intimidated by the awesome art I sees around her. However, she has grown in courage and a comfort zone that is getting bigger and bigger and being a scrapbooker she is constantly trying to push through her fears to discover and develop her talents, meet new people, and learn from those around her.

Anjuli made her first scrapbook at 12years with her mother helping her around. She used plastic sleeves to hold all my paper treasures- school awards and church certificates, hand-outs with quotes, pictures of friends and all different kinds of ephemera. It is when she was in college that she developed a scrapbooking craze and as years passed and her talent improved.

She began to develop the strong desire to use her artistic talents in other ways. Creative thinking, care, and time seemed to be a huge part of the work that she was seeing all which intimidated her.  Having moved east and left all her supplies she missed her engagement in the creative process and it is until when the supplies were returned to her that a new dawn came her way and began to work every day only to realize that she was creating with a purpose. Her talents were developing and ideas were flowing more regularly.

According to her, it’s been amazing to realize how important and sacred the act of creation is.As we create, we become artists, but even more we can become better people, and we help others do the same.


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