Principles of Composition in Mixed Media Art


Composition for Mixed Media ArtElegant mixed Media Art is always determined by good design and composition. According to Marilyn Harris Mills who is a published designer and artist, the following are some of the elements you can consider for your art work:


Your work should speak confidently to the viewer. Know the reason behind choosing the subject matter that you use. Confidence will show in your final art piece and the viewer will be appreciative of your artistic art message.

Moods and Emotions

Design elements need to contribute to creating a mood or an emotion within the viewer. The elements all need to work together to evoke a certain mood or emotion the artist wishes to convey to the viewer.


Creating an art piece that will be remembered is hard to accomplish. Have a style that will be captured in each of your paintings so that your art will be remembered. Create in your own unique style…then both you and your artwork will be remembered.


This refers to the arrangement of all the elements of a design. You can arrange the pieces in a few different ways but first you must choose a focal point.

A successful art work will encompass all of these elements and principles of design. Don’t expect to get it right the first time but be different than other artists. You will have to go through the Trial and error phase.


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