Making Greeting Cards: Tips and Tricks


Handmade Greeting CardGreeting cards are so fun and quick to make as Melanie Statnick who is a published artist/writer will attest. She has a happy and whimsy style which she uses to create art daily from her private studio. As a result of having to send cards to each other with her mum and the fact that she loves to send gifts, happy mail, post cards and handmade cards, she wants to get in the habit of snail mail again. You too can do the same and this is how she says you can do it just the same way she does it:

  • Hand fold 140lbs cold press watercolour paper into a card shape.
  • Open to lay card flat and spray with your favourite then air dry or dry with heat gun.
  • Cut the card stock paper to smaller size to centre in the front of the card and glue. Stamp all four sides of card stock. Stamp image of 2” art squares. Glue squares to cardstock.
  • Stamp your greeting on top and bottom of watercolour card.

Using Pitt Pen Big Brush Markers colour in the stamped images. Add Stickles in your favourite colours and washi tape to the edge.

You have finished making your card and you can make many more to use them as gifts.

Happy creating!


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