Making Handmade Halloween Decorations


Do It Yourself Handmade Halloween DecorationsKim Kelley is borderline obsessive about her crafting and her art. She loves to learn and explore new techniques and hopes that any art she creates leads someone to find their inner creative artist. She is in love with Halloween projects and she wants to create something special for her BUNCO party. The idea she wants to use is that of decorating a skull. So what got her inspired? On what she had seen, real flowers had been used but she needed to use something that would last so she though using fake ones would do.

She picked up onStyrofoam skulls which she could use to stick the flowers in where she wanted. She ended up pulling all of the stems out once and starting over wanting a different look. She did not like the way the stems showed from the back, so she added a thick, almost cheesecloth material hanging from the flowers and draping down the back of the skull. She glued one of the glitter spiders to the skull and one to the top of the highest flower and took her glue gun and created strings of webbing all over.

She had an inspiring project and she advises that you free off from your comfort zone, start using your imagination and exploring an anything that goes through your mind set.


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