Making Card Pockets


Altered Library Card PocketMelanie Statnick the published artist/writer has a lot of her artwork in art galleries and shops extensively in NC with international private collections. She is one person who misses to have library cards in the back of books with memories of having to look up books in the card cataloguing boxes being so clear in her mind.

She altered paper library pockets with Silk Acrylic paints. She then painted the first colour coat onto the pocket first, then used a paint brush to apply the second colour to the applicator and rubbed it over the stencil onto the pockets in a circular motion.  Drying the paints is the next step while adding some stamps and paper collage sheets and embellishments using a gel medium or mod podge. To outline the images you will use black Pitt pen, white get pen and then add some Stickles.  Valentine theme will come in handy to stuff the pockets with. They are best for sticking a magnet strip on the back or onto your refrigerator to leave notes for your sweetheart.With her happy and whimsy style, Melanie creates art daily from her private studio. From her website of you can get and learn more about Melanie.


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