Have you ever Tried Making Encaustic and Origami Collage?


Encaustic and Origami CollageVicki Ross has always been involved deeply in the creative arts, from professional soft crafts publications to French Hand-sewing, stencilling to macramé, oil painting to encaustics. She believes in the healing power of creating and she is focused on sharing her journey to art and how life events can shape us through creativity. She also loves the local thrift store since she is always wanting to learn and see how she can incorporate various types of treasures into my regular art. She tries out there craft on various materials and still gets it right all the way. Some of the materials she will use include 4″ square tumbled marble tiles, plain encaustic medium and pollen that you will get from flowers.

Each of them gets a pour because she wanted to keep the three dimensional look of the folded paper. After two pours, fusing, she takes a brush and make sure all crevices are filled. When cool, she scraps back as far as she can, again maintaining the 3-D looks. It is after this that she declares all victory to her work. However she admits that it is not an easy task. Here creativity takes toll of the whole project and the willingness to learn and create.


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