How to Send a Mail Art


What is Mail Art and How Do I Send itThe love of mixed media has taken over most aspects of Tamara Dinius’ creative journey the main reason being the fact that mixed media allows for a broad range of styles and anyone can find success in this form of artistic expression. She reveals the aspect of mail art which surprises many other people.

Mail art is created by the artist and generally sent via the postal service to the end receiver. It is an interesting art because every person who handles the mail en route will have an opportunity to view and enjoy your piece of artwork. Tamara uses mixed media techniques with various envelopes that have become quite grand. She has experimented using the standard goldenrod office envelopes, as well as the brightly coloured envelopes. While she has enjoyed using all the different products at some point she goes back to the basic white envelope for most of her mailings.

Mail art is easy to send and does not require anything special prior to posting at your local post office. Though it is not required at her local post office, she adds a white label with the recipients address for ease of sorting. The holidays are a wonderful time of sending mails to your loved ones. Get creative with the mail art and put a cheer on their faces.


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