Using Craft Kits form Flying Unicorn


Purchased Products in Craft Kits Can Be Pretty too!Kim Kelley is borderline obsessive about her crafting and her art. She loves mixed media art because you are free to go beyond your comfort zone, using your imagination and exploring on anything comes to your mind set. She scoops up anything that catches her eye, but there are times that she enjoys opening up kits that have everything in it that goes together; from matching papers to colour coordinating flowers. If you have the same problem then you may want to do what she does and purchase kits. A kit allows you to stop guessing about putting things together.

Flying Unicorn is where Kim buys her kits. The kit comes with a triangle shaped canvas; which she loves working with, some flowers, metal pieces ink and sprays. She finds herself in a rather red mood rather than purple so she changes from bits to bits. So how does she do it?

  • You shall use glass bead medium by Golden, heavy gel by Golden and white flake also by Golden for the base layer on the canvas. Apply it haphazardly so it does not look the same throughout.
  • After allowing it to dry, add paints. Using sponges add Crimson, Burnt Orange and Metallic Russet Lumiere paints by Jacquard onto the canvas. After the layer dries add a mix of black acrylic paint, silver powder and gel medium; sponging it on and with a bit of water to wipe it off.
  • Add some flowers, metal leaves, film strip and of course the quote.

There you have it, your imagination and creation has come to be.


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