Making a Project using a Printer Tray


Printers Tray ArtShari Welch is a mixed media artist known for using reuse and recycle materials in her artwork. She is passionate about mixed media art and enjoys helping others discover their creativity. With the existence of type cases or printers trays which are divided into sections to hold the various letters of a typeface for print every creative artist is now taking advantage of these unique frames to create one of a kind piece of art.

Printer trayscome in different sizes, colours, shapes, and number of sections. There is so much skill to it and it is mostly a matter of layering different elements. You can create one that is very simple or more detailed like it is demonstrated below:

  • Chose a tray and use washi tape to decorate the edge of the frame. Give it some interest to define some of the edges of the sections.
  • Interesting coordinating papers and printed cork sheets will do to fill up the background sections. Distressing papers edges will be held up by sanding, tearing, embossing.
  • You can add items from a trip, little bits and pieces of things you love, collections, photos etc. This is where all the fun is.

However the secret of this art is to lay everything out before you glue anything down including the background, the type, charms and everything else. Also consider using 3D foam adhesive pieces to help your items look as if they are coming off the page.


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