Using Radiant Neon ink Colours


Radiant Neon Ink with Delicata InkIf you are an accustomed artist, you ought to visit Melanie Statnick’s website and see what she has accomplished being the seasoned published artist/writer that she is. She brings to you the aspect of using Radiant Neon ink colours which she says can be blended together. On the other hand Radiant Neon ink pads are bright, bold and juicy. They are also opaque ink and fade resistant and can be embossed.

Melanie is a great fun of colours and she is of the neon while she considers it best when on white. She will create cards with them on white and black card stock to show how the neon ink affects different backgrounds.  She will also do this while testing to see how brilliant the silver looks of the Delicata ink pad. You will use just chip board pieces, add the radiant neon ink in your favourite colours and then blend the silver ink over top. This however you should do when they are all wet. You can use the delicate ink alone and let this ink air dry for best results.

The more you keep experimenting with colours the more you will get surprised at what you can achieve. Happy creating and experimenting!


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