Have you Tried Dina Wakely Paints?


Painting with Dina Wakely PaintsMichelle G. Brown has this drive that it’s only by learning few basic techniques that would make the world of Mixed Media art exciting and accessible to everyone. At one point she was so excited to have the 12colours of Ranger’s Dina Wakely paints as well as the black Gesso. You will love the name of the colours because they are also unique. She has this passion of drawing and writing over the paints.

So far Michele has discovered that most colours are fairly opaque and thick and luscious. More often than not, they are described as creamy. And even as Dina talks about choosing her favourite colours; she stresses on the importance of having her paints in tubes to make them easier to apply and close the lids with one hand. Michelle loves the nature of Dina’s paints their thickness and “open time” (longer drying time to allow blending). However the packaging is a bit frustrating. When these paints lie on the table, the back side of the label don’t show what colour it is. You have to pick several tubes before getting the colour you want.

All in all the colours are of great quality and at a reasonable price. Her prayer right now is that there will be more colours out.


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