Creating a Good Design in Mixed Media Art


Good Design and Composition for Mixed Media ArtMixed Media Art is exciting and everyone wants good painting that will result to good design. However, whether we design from using our imagination or design from a photograph of our own, some key factors should be considered and applied. The elements of design are the visual elements or tools you use to compose and design and the elements of good design include:

  • Colour

Acquire basic understanding by possibly attending colour theory courses. Colour speaks first in a painting and if you have just begun designing, it’s better to use a colour wheel. Learn about what colours go with each other since using colour can make or break a design.

  • Shape

Shapes are organic or geometric and same sized shapes would be boring.Organic shapes are curved, irregular and have a natural feel to them. Geometric shapes are triangles, squares, rectangles and circles.

  • Texture

Texture refers to the surface appearance of the objects in the painting. It can actual or perceived.Texture is fun because it creates excitement and interest in your painting.

  • Line

Lines will set the tone of your painting. You can use either Horizontal, vertical and diagonal, straight, curved, thick or thin line.

Fill this space with shapes to create your painting.Using shape creates depth in a painting by overlapping them or weaving them together, or laying them side by side.

  • Form

You must give the objects in your painting, form to achieve dimension.

It’s of importance that you teach yourself the basic rules, apply them and then once you’re very knowledgeable then you may go ahead and become creative developing your own style.


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