Arts & Crafts with Yarn


Mixed Media Art YarnKatja Blum likes to find creative solutions for ugly or broken things around the house. Before branching out into collage and other paper arts about ten years agoshe had first started with yarn, fabric and papier mache. However she confirms that yarn is not just pretty; it is a ball or hank of raw artistic potential. One more thing about using yarn is that it would be making it and while spinning is one of her favourite activity Katja Blum spins more yarn than she could ever knit or weave up. It’s great fun to make the big, crazy, textured yarns that are commonly referred to as “art yarns”.

If you are a spinner, here is a tutorial for you to start making art yarn. You will need:

  • Craft wire, 28-30 g
  • Yarn
  • A sturdy clamp or vise
  • Fabric strips, paper strips, ribbons, beads, sequins – any embellishments that can be strung or spiked on your thin craft wire.

How to do it.

  • Prepare the wire. A length of craft 28g craft wire is going to be the “spine” of your yarn.Yarn is made by twisting fibers, so that they for a long string and hold together.
  • Paper strips are best spiked on the wire in a harmonica fashion for a firm hold, but with fabric and ribbon
  • Secure the ends of your base yarn and wire in a heavy clamp or vise.
  • Twist away. Make sure to twist in the same direction throughout.

If spinning is your thing, make as much yarn as you need and embellish to your heart’s content.


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