Water Colour Painting with Simple Materials


Watercolor Painting on Old Paper EphemeraYou will find a lot of Melanie Statnick style artwork in many art galleries and shops in NY as well as within international collections. Being a published artist, she creates art daily from her private studio and you could also get to learn more from her website http://www.melaniestatnickart.com.

One or the activities she loves most is watercolour painting on Old Paper Ephemera and this is how she does it:

Materials Required:

  • Old papers from textbook and Paint Brush
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Clear Gesso and Gel Medium
  • Water Colors
  • White uniball
  • Micron
  • Form Board

Step to follow include:

  1. Cut foam board to 8×10 and while using gel medium, cover one side of old paper taking care to get each corner and the sides.
  2. Flip glued side down to foam board and use brayer to roll flat and to get out any bubbles or folds in the paper.
  3. After drying use the clear gesso to prep you surface to accept the watercolour. This will dry clear and leave a “tooth” texture to the paper that will feel somewhat like sand paper.
  4. When the gesso is dry you can draw a boarder around your paper and begin to draw your pictures where and what you like.Go over your drawings with a micron pen and white gel pen before you add your watercolours.
  5. Your drawings are ready for the watercolour. You can paint just your designs and leave the background plain or paint and splatter it all.

It’s all about creativity at its best.


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